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Content marketing is taking the place of traditional advertising. Your potential clients want informative, entertaining and up to date content. It catches their attention, keeps them engaged over time, and helps them make a purchasing decision with confidence. A freelance writer can help you share your message effectively to make your brand stand out. WireBird Writes is ready to help your business grow.


An active blog with quality content and attention to effective SEO can increase traffic to your site. It is a powerful lead generation tool. Customers actively seek fresh information about your product or service. Sites that produce regular blog posts receive an increase in social media engagement. With great content, customers perceive your brand as accessible and worth their investment.

Every writer needs a good editor

The difference between the right word and the nearly right word is the same as the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. ~ Mark Twain

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Startup or established, your business needs an online presence now. WireBird Writes will help assess your writing and editing content needs and help promote your brand. Contact me today for details.

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How can a freelance writer and editor help you? Here are answers to some of the most common questions people ask.

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Tekla Luchenski - Freelance Writer / Editor
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I AM a native English speaking freelance writer and editor located in Edmonton, AB Canada. CONTEMPORARY BUSINESS needs a strong online presence with dynamic, informative and entertaining content that ranks well in search results for your industry. WHETHER you would like to tell your story, sell a product, build your brand, or keep your blog lively and entertaining, I can help you create the content you require. From your idea's conception through to final edit, I can help develop a plan, write the required content, revise, and help you promote with quality content and effective SEO. I HAVE ALWAYS loved words and wordplay. From rapid fire banter between my three older brothers to happily citing the derivation of words to anyone who would listen, I have been a lifelong word-nerd. Writing has always been a passion. I've written countless pieces for fun and for academia (which included a masters thesis in cultural anthropology). I launched WireBird Writes in September 2015, and I love my work. I WAS BORN to write, proofread and edit. I enjoy the process of helping people to bring their ideas to life through written word. EVERY JOB STARTS with an idea and a goal, no matter how big or small. WireBird Writes can help you. Contact me for your free consultation at tekla.luchenski@gmail.com, or fill out my contact form, below.

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Pricing will vary, depending on your project. I will work with you for the best outcome at a price for your budget. Here are pricing guidlines, for your reference.

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